With a Library to nurture avid readers and lifelong learners

Chinese Bridge Language School at Marine Parade has been given a makeover with an all-new, more refreshing, comfortable and stimulating learning environment.

Chinese Bridge’s library, the ‘Reading Nest’,
where every student’s interest in reading is nurtured.

Central to the revamp is the addition of a Library, aptly named as the Reading Nest, to provide a cosy and conducive place for its students to read beyond rote learning and to develop a lifelong interest in keeping up with the Chinese language. It is being continually stocked with interesting Mandarin story books and essential literature on the Chinese language and culture. This comes on the heels of Chinese Bridge incorporating reading time at the library as part of the programme for its students.

Ms Irene Low, new School Head of Chinese Bridge Language School,
incorporating the Smart Board into her small class teaching of Primary 3 students.

Another new feature is the introduction of the Smart Board in one of the classrooms for preschool and lower primary students to make their lessons more interesting and memorable. The Smart Board allows the Chinese language and culture to ‘come to live’ through  videos and animations, to make learning more interactive and engaging.   The Smart Board also doubles as a white board for teachers to seamlessly bring the students through their daily lessons.

Overall, classrooms have been given a new coat of paint and refurbished with new tables and chairs. They are brighter now with more effective lighting that has less glare, making learning more conducive than ever before.