About Us

Led by an Academic Board of highly-experienced and credentialed local educators, Chinese Bridge Language School prides itself for its effective methods in teaching academic-based Chinese, to students from preschool to secondary level.

Our Mission and Philosophy

Our educational philosophy is to impart Chinese language to our students as part of their culture, heritage and way of life. Moral education and traditional Chinese values is a vital part of our curriculum.

Our Curriculum

Chinese Bridge Language School’s curriculum is in-line with the syllabus set out by the Ministry of Education (MOE), and we aim to nurture our students to have the ability of independent thinking and oral skills, broadening their general knowledge beyond academic studies.

We believe in learning through play as it helps develop the social and cognitive skills of a child. To allow our students to fully enjoy the learning process, we have created a learning environment that is both enjoyable and enriching.

Our Teachers

Our teachers are all native Chinese speakers, qualified, experienced and trained to approach each lesson with our hallmark teaching method.