Chinese Bridge Learning School (CBLS) completed a three-month programme for 5 practicum teachers aspiring to become Chinese Language teachers. The focus of the programme is on teacher training and classroom experience.

Teachers in training: Through theory and practice, our teachers were trained in real classroom settings.

Teachers from KLC International Institute went through the practicum programme, guided and mentored by our Head of Speech and Drama, Sun Xiao Peng. In providing this experience, we aimed to bridge theory and practice so that beginning teachers could practice teaching in a real classroom setting.

Not Just Another Chinese Lesson

Teachers were offered a 50-hour training programme by Teacher Sun on speech and drama, and using drama to teach Chinese to further enhance their capabilities to use drama to teach Chinese. At CBLS, we believe in using drama to teach Chinese creatively so that our students will grow into confident and fluent Chinese speakers who enjoy the language.

Through rigorous training sessions, only our best teachers are selected to take on our Creative Chinese & Drama lessons.

This 50-hour teacher training covered everything from curriculum development, lesson planning, creative drama, speech training, and audio/visual resource production. Participants benefited immensely from the invaluable experience of Sun Laoshi who has been specialising in Speech & Drama for the past 9 years.

Our trainee teachers are now able to successfully design teaching themes and lesson plans, create rhythmic poetry, customise teaching resources, and conduct physical and online classes using drama creatively to teach Chinese as a complement to other teaching methodologies.

Several of our trainee teachers are now members of our teaching fraternity. We look forward to more collaborations with them.