Chinese Bridge Language School in Marine Parade held its first Mid-Autumn Festival celebration on 3 September for a group of its students aged 5 to 8 years.
The programme was designed to help the children learn about this popular cultural event in the Chinese calendar.

The children were told the story of Chang’E, the beauty who escaped evil intents and flew to the Moon, and her loving husband Hou Yi. The story-telling allowed the students to learn new vocabulary that is related to the festival.

To make it more fun and memorable for the children, each child gets an opportunity to make their own snowskin mooncake. Our teachers guided the children and help them mould their mooncakes. The children were wowed when they saw their mooncakes taking shapes. Many were excited and wanted to start eating their mooncakes!

The children also learnt to set up their own paper lanterns that the school had prepared for them. Their parents were later invited to join in the walkabout at our darkened premise. It was indeed a good experience as the children squealed in delight when they were in total darkness and were only depending on their lanterns to see what was ahead of them. This activity totally alleviated their sensorial experience! At the end of the walkabout, the parents helped their children to hang the lanterns at Level 1, decorating the community space. What a beautiful sight they made!

To many children, it was their very first time making their own mooncakes and also probably their first walking in total darkness with their lanterns. Parents expressed appreciation for the event and said they looked forward to more of such cultural activities in future.

At Chinese Bridge Language School, we always strive to bring out new experiences for all our students.